New WordPress Plugin: Widgets Avalanche for Ecwid

For the past few weeks I have been working on a plugin to integrate the new Ecwid API with WordPress. It’s called Widgets Avalanche for Ecwid:

This plugin does two things:

  • Gives you a UI for connecting your store to your WordPress install (AKA getting an authentication token).
  • Gives you a bunch of widgets for outputting your Ecwid products and categories in interesting ways.

Right now, it ships with three different widgets:

  • A popup.
  • A slider.
  • An accordion.

The plugin is very simple from an admin and visitor perspective, but it is packed with hooked and pluggable functions, making it 100% customizable from a developer perspective.

I think Ecwid is a phenomenal e-commerce platform and it’s my first choice when clients ask me about creating an online store. But until now, there have been very few options when it comes to showcasing your products beyond the Ecwid defaults.

Check it out!

Published on CSS-Tricks!

Much thanks to Chris Coyier for accepting me as a guest author on css-tricks today!

I wrote a brief article about altering the CSS classes that WordPress generates by default, giving them a more SMACCS-friendly naming scheme.


Published in A List Apart

Many of the best practices we take for granted today were first advanced as humble ideas on A List Apart. I have been reading ALA since I first became interested in HTML, so I’m thrilled to say that I’ve finally had an article published there. It was really cool to go through the editorial process, starting with a quick pitch, moving on to formal acceptance, and then many rounds of edits with the amazingly patient Sara Wachter-Boetcher.

Also amazing: House illustrator Kevin Cornell retired from ALA after my article — I literally got the last issue of Cornell’s!