GoDaddy’s “Micro Dollars”

I’m working on a GoDaddy plugin at the moment, to allow the wp-admin user to purchase domains through the GoDaddy API. ┬áThis is a crucial step in a larger project to allow non-technical clients to manage their own launch process. Turns out, GoDaddy’s API is weird.

Here’s a sample response from their `/domains/available` endpoint:

	"available"  : true,
	"domain"     : "",
	"definitive" : false,
	"price"      : 7490000,
	"currency"   : "USD",
	"period"     : 1

Notice anything strange about that? How about the fact that my domain as a .net would cost 7 million in US dollars? A closer look at their API docs reveal that these are not actual US dollars, rather they are a “micro-currency”:

price (integer, currency-micro-unit, optional): Price of the domain excluding taxes or fees. Only returned if tld is offered

I had no idea what I was supposed to do with this (and was hoping that GoDaddy had colonized their own micro-nation currency) so I asked their support staff, who explained that a micro-dollar is something like one one-millionth of an actual dollar. In their words:

Dear Scott,

Thank you for contacting us. You would need to convert the value to 2 decimal places so that 7490000 becomes 7.49.

Please contact us if you need further assistance.

Not exactly a stellar feeling of confidence when lining up API calls to withdraw from someone’s bank account, but this isn’t even among the top ten most annoying things about GoDaddy, so onward.

Scott Fennell
Scott Fennell is a WordPress theme & plugin developer in Anchorage, AK.